Elements of Inspection


During our interior inspection, we check for cracks in walls and ceilings. Minor cracks are very common in most homes. A representative number of windows are opened when access is available.

We perform a visual check of ovens and built-in dishwashers. We also check cooking systems to ensure they operate.

  • Drywall: Damage, signs of movement, moisture stains. Inspect the walls, ceilings and floors.
  • Studs: Damage, deterioration, movement.
  • Firebox: Damage, damper operation, creosote buildup. Inspect and describe the fireplace system and components.
  • Mantel: Signs of pyrolysis, firebox back drafting.
  • Hearth: Proper construction, signs of back drafting.
  • Floor finish: Signs of damage.
  • Subfloor: Moisture damage/deterioration, sagging.
  • Doors: Proper operation, loose/missing hardware. Inspect representative number of doors and windows.
  • Stairs: Loose/damaged/deteriorated components, safety issues. Inspect attached decks, balconies, stoops, steps, porches and their associated railings.
  • Hand rails: Proper connection, deterioration, safety issues.
  • Floor joist: Sagging, splitting, improper notching, deterioration. Inspect the structural components, including foundation and framing.