Elements of Inspection


During the attic inspection, we look for signs of past or current leakage, the presence of insulation and types of ventilation. We also conduct a visual review of the structural components.

  • General attic inspection: Stairway, structural components/rafters, evidence of moisture, attic flooring, appliance vents, attic vapor barrier, attic ventilation, attic insulation.
  • Ceiling joist: Proper connections, damage, cracking, splitting.
  • Insulation: Depth and type of insulation in recommended locations.
  • Roof rafter: Splitting, sagging, improper notching.
  • Collar tie: Proper connections, damage, cracking, splitting.
  • Chimney liner: Usually a limited visual review. Inspect exterior for signs of damage/disconnections.
  • Stud (gable wall): Limited inspection. Visible only in unfinished areas.
  • Ridge board: Inspected from the attic for cracking, splitting, insect damage, wood deterioration.
  • Wall sheathing: Limited review. Normally not visible to inspector due to exterior covering.
  • Insulation (where visible): Coverage at occupied areas. Inspect and describe the insulation in unfinished spaces.